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WebsiteBuild costs

Websites vary in the amount of time taken to build.
I charge an hourly rate of $40 Average website take 10 to 15 hours. Please call to give me an idea of how big your website will be.
Dominic See on 0410-511199 

Seeit Software Lifetime license

Software Lifetime license $1000
One payment discount to $800
2 payments discount $450 x 2
3 payments discount $320 x 3
4 payments discount $250 x 4

Pick a payment plan
for a Lifetime software license

Seeit software information document

Seeit Software Licence yearly ongoing $360

Or Seeit Software licence + $30 month ongoing

The Dom Package

Valid from 10th May 2017
Package 1.
Multi screen Hosting, software license and support $870.00 per year or $72 per month.

Normally Brake down
Hosting $300 Unlimited
Training $ 100 up to 2.5 hours
Software license $320
Support $150
Total $

Total $499 yearly
 + Software licence add $20 monthly ongoing

SEO Search engine optimisation

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